Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I have a couple of friends who are in the 3D/graphic/animation/use-photoshop-and-3DMAX-everyday industry. Being a gamer myself, i thought it would be interesting to share this article with them. It's about the struggle and politics (haha familiar eh?) of the guy who single-handedly did the CG sequence of silent hill from concept to final game render(it's a PS1 game. If you don't know what is a PS1, i got nothing to say o_O)

Here's an excerpt.

"Not many people believe that I did it myself – and it wasn’t like I wanted to make it all from scratch! I just had to do it in order to get credit. Plus, you don’t want to be credited in your game as assistant artist if you did everything. So it wasn’t easy. I didn’t go home for three years, almost. I lived there. I slept under the desk, and that midnight time I talked about, after everyone went home, was a real chance for me to work, because I had access to all of the computers in the office. We had over 150 computers or something like that, and at the time we were using the Unix operating system. So after everyone’s gone home, I can operate all of these computers to render my stuff. Yeah…I couldn’t go home."


Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Monday, July 18, 2005

The power of the rich, is the ability to make the poor be contented with their lives.

That's my POV summary on the recent NKF fracas and also that of Mrs Goh's 'peanuts' reply.

Good night, i shall drink my coffee now.
I case some people are interested, i'm back from hong kong.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Imagine you're making a chair, and you painstakingly craft all of the pieces out of the finest mahogany. You finish and stain them with the very best products on the market. But then, instead of using glue to hold the pieces together, you use shit.So, when you finally sit down on the chair, not only does it break, but you get shit all over yourself.

That's what War of the Worlds is like o_O~~

PS: That little bitch deserves to be SLAPPED!! You'll know what i mean if you see the movie.

Friday, June 24, 2005

this is for all wannabe 2d guru extraordinares

the one i created hehehe

Thursday, June 23, 2005

It has come to my immediate attention that i need to mention and give attention to the ONE and ONLY, RAVENELLE due to recent shit-stirring controversial events hahwhwahwa.

Ravenelle is the de facto chio-est female bassist i have ever known!!!!

FYI, i only know of ONE female who plays the bass. The rest are experts in shopping, pedi/manicure, facial, spa not excluding proficiency in the ethereal art of gossiping.

Time for coffee, sasasasasasasasa!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Happy Father's Day. My sis and i gave him a belt. Then the whole family went for lunch at East Ocean Restaurant (shaw centre, good dim sum), Mahjong at home, nua at home and dinner at Chatterbox in that order.

..and yes, Batman Begins is a good movie. Leave the kids at home for this one. It's dark, gloomy and evil. My type of show muhawhawhawhhawhaw!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I have finally opened my eyes to the most up-market and down right extravagant freehold real-estate in Singapore. No, It's not Calrose by MCL nor the most recent development by Capitaland. To understand the immense 'area to dollar' ration of this piece of real-estate: Just visualize the size of your average cupboard....yes the big brown one hahahah It's about 3m by 2.5m. How much do you think this 'size' of a space cost?

approximately SG$945,000 CH-CHING!

The only place in Singapore where you can find such valuable assets is in temples. I went to Sin Ming Temple on Sunday cuz my granny want to 'book' her place in the nether realm. Imagine a room the size of 3 basketball courts (It's just an estimate...could be bigger) used to store the ashes of the deceased. That's how big this place is..and it's only ONE storey. The particular section of the temple i went to, which houses the urns is on the 5th floor so go figure.

Anyway the clculation of the value of the real-estate for the placement of the urn is split up into 6 different categories: blue $3800(the bottom and top 2 rows, can your great great grand children even see you?), green $5000 (3rd row from the bottom..not too bad. My granny booked this row ^_^ hehehe), yellow $8000(eye level so if you book the row above green, suay lor! $3k difference leh), white zone $10000 (these rows of urn spaces are located nearer to a buddha statue thus the price :P), SILVER ZONE $15000(these face THREE gold buddhas encased in a glass-like altar) and finally GOLD>>> reserved for members only WTF? hahawhawhaw
The gold-valued urn columns are nearer to the 3 gold buddhas as compared to the silver ones. That's what a few metres difference makes

$$$ These valuation prices beat HDB's anyday $$$

PS: How did i come up with that $945000 price? I took a 9 by 7 section (almost same surface area of a regular cupboard)of the silver zone. Altogether 63 slots. Each slot costs $15k so...yeah..$$$

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

There's a blog retro movement going on in my blog-ring lately: Peepz who mellowed in their blogging due to real-life commitments like work and marriage, are crawling out of their potholes.

..and yes, i have to mention MAKO! This name must be mentioned hawhawhawhawaw!!

hmm..and also Mr. P ....the ever elusive part-time Drifter and full-time cheehonger.

Must mention names lah! Stir shit up! If not too quiet so boring hwahawhaw

Monday, May 30, 2005

Was at a friend's friend's house for BBQ over the weekend. The surprising thing was, she knew my ex-colleagues too! haha. It was kind of like an ad agency reunion thingy complete with BBQed crabs, german sausages and buttloads of beer hhahah! It's fun to meet as friends rather than colleagues (especially the female ones ^_^)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I'm currently listening to Dream Theater's Acid Rain and it got me thinking about whether people who play musical instruments appreciate music more than those who do not? WTFKNN kind of question is this you may ask? Cos i'm actually quite sick of replying to people who ask me 'what am i listening to now' and i reply with a powerful 'Joe Satriani' and they continue to ask me how come they never heard of this guy and is he the next yandao guy breaking into the pop scene after justin timberlake! WTF show some respect, all you bunch of pop music K-box geenahs!

eh don't say i discriminate lah! It's true to some extent and you know it! These folks dunno what a kickass bassline sound like. They probably skip the beyond(the de facto hongkong rock group) guitar solo just so they can maximize their KTV singing time WTF once again show some respect!

Now..people who play the bass, keyboards or whatever, when they listen to a song..hmmmmm...what their ears pick up is TOTALLY different from someone who listens to jackie cheung all day. right? RIGHT?? hawhwahawwha! I feel sad that these are the people who will never experience or KNOw what it's like to create the type of sound that you can..like for example palm-muting a heavily distorted guitar!!! YES! They will NEVER know! It's sad!

Get out of your musical sandbox posers!! hwaawhawh And yes i listen to Seb Fontaine and know who is Ryuichi Sakamoto. Oei Selena!? Do you know? Hebe you know? Ella, le eh hiao bo??? Now get on your knees and show some respect, bitches! BAKA!
There is a new 4-letter word that's being uttered more freely than the archaic f-word these days. This new 4-letter word is an ACTIVITY that is all the rAGE now! It's the new wave of pop culture! The ah-bengs use it, their girlfriends learn how to engage in it, the pr6 ah boy use it in school so much that teachers aren't sure if it's vulgar a not? WTF is this THING??

* druMroll *

the new generation 4-letter word is>>>>

D O T A ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

YES! DotA. This is the in-thing NOW! For the un-initiated, Defence of the Ancients (DotA) is a 5v5 map for the popular RTS game, Warcraft3: Frozen Throne. The objective of the game is to destroy the 'shrine' of your opponent (enemies try to do the same to you) by selecting/ controlling one HERO character(out of more than 30 different heroes to choose from!) throughout the game. Your hero level up as you progress and you get to buy UBER-L337 GOSU items like BURIZA-DO KYANON and DEMON EDGE. WTFBBQOWNAGE!!!!

this game is single-handedly sweeping through the region like a bushfire! The indonesian forest fires cannot fight! SERIOUS! Friends, friends' girlfriends, tianwangs etc etc ALL PLAYING THIS GAME!!!

Get your hero now! Collect them all! OWNAGE!!!!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Has anyone here been to iguana cafe? the iguana lager is damn smooth.. highly recommended for beer people hehehe.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Something i did over the weekend in between sleep and mahjong.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

PS: If you want to test your internet connection speed, feel free to click on the 'drawing' link at the left hand corner to see the bigger/ magnified version + other misc. scribblings o_O~

Sunday, April 03, 2005

OHS NOES!! My tianwang homies are starting to be siao on about DOTA! OMG
1 side CS
1 side dota

and next month my old D2X kakis (not SBS GG NN they all LOLOLOLOL) jio me buy guild wars! WTFBBQ!!! How??? How??

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

sorry all my homies who have been eagerly anticipating my latest blog entry. You can relieve your finger of the F5 key now as thy wait is over! muhawhawwha

i have been busy establishing some new business and other than that, trying to collect money that clients have not paid! WTF financial year closing liao still hold my money lim pei ka li kong i slash ur car tyre then you know ah! but i civilised man so i only hang pig head at his office muawhawhhaw!

ok enough of the nonsense recently my kopi kakis rekindled an old routine: CS! WTFOMGBBQPWNED!! WTH my frens wanna play CS again? That game is so passe! But heck it's still fun! lol We played THREE DAYS in a row (last thursday friday and saturday) We are totally crazy LMAO! CS overdose!

on to something solemn. My close friend's mother died last friday. She was 60 haiz life is short so play hard ok! she has been battling the lung and brain disease for 1 year and 9 months. It's more of a relief for my friend's father as all these days, he has been taking care of his wife. No matter the sliver of hope, he would go forth to try for miracles (ie. buy diamond water, some MLM health stuff etc etc). He never gave up hope of saving my friend's mother. He is a true man and loving husband worthy of respect! At least now his family can move on.

oh and BTW on a lighter note, KONG MING died. please all bow down in silence and utter a short word of prayer kthanksbye!

Saturday, February 26, 2005

i'm currently in reservist. So don't expect anything mindblowling or world changing to pop on this page.

Friday, January 14, 2005

it's 2am but i can't get to sleep.
So i'm keeping myself awake doing client work and listening to laputa - garasu no shouzou....and of cos, 3-in-1 kopi ahhhhthe little things in life.

oh btw who (besides the all-knowing and ever intelligent life form known as DAX) watches 24? Can any kind soul who does burn the whole series and pass it to me?

Thanks i love you all and keep hitting that F5 key! LOL

Friday, January 07, 2005

Thursday, January 06, 2005

This was an interesting conversation between my friend and his father while they were watching the recemt semi-finals between Singapore and Myanmar. My friend's father did a QUOTE OF THE DAY which summarizes the state of local soccer.

My friend:" Wa LAO! Singapore should hire a coach like Jose Mourinho (current chelsea manager which rescued the mentioned english football club from plunging into oblivion). Singapore should be playing better than this!"

My friend's father:" Eh! Hire him also no use. It's like you ask a professor to teach in a class full or retards!"

Brilliant! but for those who don't get it, go figure o_O~
The Quote for the day is from a Canadian who shared his views on a recent response to a discussion about Ashley Simpson being BOOed off stage LOL!

"Celine Dion is a mistake from Canada, and for that we apologize. Please remember that we bring you maple syrup and bacon."

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

SO what's your new year's resolution??
i think i need to sleep more ZZZZzzzZZzzz
..and run more! All health-related.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

I completed Metal Gear Solid 3.
Feel like replaying MGS2! ARGH! How dax how? HAWAHWWWAWH

Oh and by the way, you have all been HAND GESTURED!!!


Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I have a friend who is extremely mad about NET MEETING. Apparently, his girlfriend (whom he got to know on the net)is going to come over here meet up with him, and plan to get married.

Hold it right there.... she is not a China bride.

According to theoretical analysis, budget/ costing calculations plus other miscellaneous measurements not including Gaussian Elimination or proving using Principle of Induction, this friend of mine (let's call him LVL99)hasn't considered the repercussion of his decision! Now it's all fine and dandy to get to know some one virtually and eventually meet up, get to know each other without a samsung monitor or cathode rays getting between them.

Damn is he even planning to buy one of the new flats in Sengkang or Punggol?

If you guys think i'm bashing LVL99 please step back and re-evaluate this:
LVL99 is jobless.


Bumming around!~~

I wished i was bumming around, really but you know what? We are all stuck in this place/ phase called REAL LIFE!!! We need to pay our Singtel bills. Buy detergent so we have to mop the floor when it's dirty because you spill your nescafe which you bought at cold storage for $5.90. Also if you drive or bought insurance, good luck to your bank account cos it's nearing the end of the year (we all know what this means come on dun run away from it LOL $$o__O~~~$$)

haiz!~ I wish LVL99 all the best and all the luck he can get if he really plan to get married with someone he has never met physically (ok you know what? At least he has to know her bra size!! MUHAWAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAW!! o__O~~)

hmm....this is the ending paragraph and it has nothing to do with this blog entry. I'm just going to pay my starhub cable bills later. For an activity that one would place priority over hanging out with real childhood friends at the local kopitiam, LVL99 had better pay his to ensure hi-speed uninterrupted webcam viewing pleasure.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Samsung SEM-DT-35. Supposed the best keyboard in the world.

Monday, December 06, 2004

I want to beat up my client and slash his car tyres.
He is a christian. At the company, a lot of his colleagues dislike him. Can't work with him.

But Sun Tzu say endure.

...but shld i listen to a dead man? muhawhawhaw

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Hi all i'm very busy these days so haven't had the time to blog. Just have a bunch of stuff so to all my fans who keep refreshing this page, thanks for supporting and i will love you all forever. You can send me money if you wish thanks!

Monday, November 01, 2004

According to calculations and theoretical predictions, it's going to RAIN again tomorrow. Just wait and see!

Sunday, October 24, 2004

I got this for yesterday's nightwalk. it's small and you wear it on the head but the light is DAMN POWER! Dun play play ah

Will want to get this for future nightwalks.

Anyone game? Come on!! MUHAWHAAWHW

In case people think that there's nothing left to do in landlocked singapore, i discovered another 'almost free' activity: NIGHT WALK! MUAWHHAWAWAWHAW * thunder and lightning flash! *

last week, one of my friend (called dan) bought a 1 million candlelight power flashlight. So he called my other friend adrian and me to go check out his new toy. And where's the playground? Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Yup! Obviously to check out how powerful flashlights are, we need to test it in the dark so our hero dan called us at 1030pm.

We intended to proceed from the 'normal' path up to the top of BT but to cut the story short, the reserve is 'closed' from 7pm onwards. So freakin boliao right? LOL imagine all the couples who wanna try something 'WILD' then cannot do. Talk about government's stand on procreation?!?!

So we ventured into the bike trail instead. It was actually REALLY pretty fun... hehehe It was so interesting that we night walk again last night(went by another route, longer distance) and even wanted to go get those NVG on ebay! After the walk, went to fong seng take supper, the feeling is damn shiok i tell you! LOL Seriously it's cheaper and more satisfying than going zouk anytime.

So if all you folks out there who's sick of staying at home or watching movies all the time, gimme a buzz! Next stop should either be macritchie or jurong hill. but you gotto go get ur own LED flashlights la! (also bring mosquito repellant)

Thursday, October 07, 2004

i was and STILL is trying to draw hands properly. This was done around the same time as the previous hand job (LOL no pun intended! ^_^). Yea the thumb looked kinda weird and i'm too lazy to add colour o_O~

My blogger friends like RAVE and RAISINS are so artistically talented. Their art and drawings are really pro. Please pop by their site to have a look at their stuff, it's good work (do spare time one so good imagine if paid to do how?? )

i'm quite inspired so i took out my old drawings and tried to put colours on it. Please comment and those that are PRO (like RAVE and RAISINS LA!) please criticize and teach me a few things! hahaha See below... (i did that lame hand in 2002 OMG old liao!!!..And please dun ask me where the last finger is, i dunno!)

Monday, October 04, 2004

Monday, September 20, 2004

after almost a month, i can safely agree that i have quit my coffee habit! YaY!
I have become independent!~~ MuWHAAW although i stil drink the drug once in a while. The record i set was TWO weeks without coffee. YUP! During this period, i rememebered i drank MiLO...it's a good substitute for the drug. I should try horlick but i'm afraid of nose bleeds (that drink is heaty!)

Also have been eating more fruits nowadays. Papaya to be exact. I buy from the nearby fruit store, 50cents per piece (issit ex ah?). Health important.

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